What are we about?

ZenSocialKarma was started by Conston Taylor.  Conston was inspired by what he saw as ‘selfish social’ where companies, brands and entrepreneurs are only concerned with what they are marketing and could care less what the their followers are doing.  He began to develop a collaborative approach to Social Media where interaction were more of a mutually beneficial relationship as opposed to being a unilateral interaction.

What is ZenSocialKarma about?  We are about you… We exist because of you. We live for you. We breathe for you. That is what we are about.

So our question to you is “What are you about”? Are you about your customer? Do you exist because of your customer? Do you live for your customer? Do you breathe for your customer? If that is what you are about then our values make a perfect fit for what we do. If that is not what you are about we can help you refocus and get there.

We are wildly passionate about making connections and turning them into mutually beneficial relationships. In our world there is no such thing as I win only if you lose. We strive for win/win relationships in everything we do.

We believe that Social Engagement is about taking a company or a brand and making it human; Giving it life. It can say thank you, it can say “We messed up and we are sorry”. It can laugh and it can even cry. What it can’t do is tell the customer “Go screw yourself”.

So we focus on making emotional connections that have a positive impact. Everyone has the ability to be a “Rock Star” in their own field. How can you we “Rock Your World” so that you can Rock Your Followers World.

Where is that emotional Connection?

ZSK is all about producing dynamic social connections and memorable social experiences and content and having a positive likable social media presence.

The key words are MEMORABLE SOCIAL EXPERIENCES. This does not always involve prospecting, selling or closing. We believe if you can provide memorable positive engagements then when your followers are ready to buy your brand and service will already be at the forefront of their minds.

Our unique approach to social media provides results that attract prospects, engage with them and convert them into website visitors, and eventually paying customers.

Conston Taylor