A Powerful Method to Grow Twitter Followers and Increase Your Engagement

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I don’t know about you. Whenever I read a blog about increasing followers on twitter or increasing engagement even from the large well known platforms, I always walk away feeling that I missed something.

In this blog I am going to be like the Arby’s commercial. When it comes to giving advice on Twitter Growth “WE HAVE THE MEATS!”

I am big on automation so 80% of my Social Media System is automated. Ironically this automation actually allows me to connect one on one with more followers because I am not bogged down with mundane tasks.

Here are some quick tips to increase your engagement and following:

Tip #1 Pin Your Tweet – This simple method tells people that this is the most important thing on my page right now. People retweet for many reasons. One reason is that they want to support your page. If they go to your page and see 10 things that you have retweeted, and none of those tweets resonates with them they may not retweet anything. However if they see your Pinned tweet they may think “I am going to retweet this because it is important to this person”.

My retweets increased by 4000% when I started using this simple method.

To pin your tweet simply go to the tweet that you want to Pin (you cannot Pin another person’s tweet), on the far right side of that tweet you will see 3 horizontal grey dots. Click on those grey dots and from the drop down menu that appears click “Pin Tweet to profile page”, and click confirm.

Tip #2 Add an automated DM (Direct Message).

There are many platforms that provide this service for free so just google it. This gives you 100% connection capability with everyone that follows you. Because you are only able to send out 125 DM’s per day it is really the only chance to connect privately with the person. Do not be aggressive or spammy with your DM. Simply thank them for ‘connecting’ with you and give them a short description of what you are about. Also share important links to other sites that you are promoting. I personally like to leave an inspirational quote at the end of my DMs. I have found this to be very powerful and if they don’t resonate with anything else that you have written the chances of them remembering you for the message you shared is strong.

Tip #3 Stay active.

Personally I unfollow those automatically who have not tweeted in the last 30 days. There are free platforms that allow you to schedule tweets months, even years in advance. So you can load up your content for the next year and forget about it.

Tip #4 Support those that support you.

Good Lord if someone has retweeted you 7 times you can at least go to their page and try and find something that is worth retweeting from their page. This one simple act of courtesy on my part started my retweets to explode.

Tip #5 Use the 80/20 Rule (Pareto) when posting informational content vs promotional content.

As a rule I like to provide educational and inspirational content 80% of the time and the other 20% is reserved for promoting our Social Media Business.

#Tip #6 Automate as much as possible. We use 10 different automation tools to run our business. People ask all the time if I can give some advice on what to use. I am not big on promoting other products, however if I am a small company trying to grow across many platforms you will definitely want to check this out http://tinyurl.com/jzauz8s.

Tip #7 Review your page and give it a makeover if necessary. Do you have a professional looking background image? Do you have a professional looking logo or image posted? Is your bio complete? Your Twitter landing page is the first impression that others will have of you. So if you are selling web design services and you have a shirtless photo of you posted don’t expect to be taken too seriously.

Well I don’t know about you but I’m full! Thanks for reading and follow us on twitter @zensocialkarma & my personal account @taylormade2k.

See you on the Top Side

Conston R. Taylor
Founder ZenSocialKarma

Conston Taylor
Conston Taylor is the founder of ZenSocialKarma.com a company that helps their clients make meaningful social connections with their customers online in a way that provides a mutually fulfilling engagement. Conston has a degree in Business Administration from The University of Michigan and has experience in Sales & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Finance and Project Management.
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  • Phil Hart

    Very informative post. Thanks for sharing, this is really helpful.

    • admin

      Thanks for the feedback Phil!

  • Stephen

    These are all good tips! A couple other actions you can take to help increase your followers are: Ask your email subscribers to follow you on Twitter and be sure to use Twitter to find users who have the same interests as you. Follow them and engage with their content and half the time you will get a follow back from them.

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  • Anuj thakur

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    When I first started promoting my brands on Twitter, I tried it all manually, but we all know how it goes… So I looked for automating tools and encountered many on my way..DISAPPOINTED by each one of them :-/ But my search continued and finally I settled for Wizugo.
    Using it for months now and I am truly amazed at how my ratings have gone up, my followers have increased, my tweet boards look amazing. And everything is just available through my mobile phone too thereby letting me keep a check whenever I need. I transfer days between my multiple accounts as per my convenience and needs. The ads keep coming up at times, but its fine. Its like a small price for the great service \m/

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