Why I Don’t Using TrueTwit Validation or respond to them anymore

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Hey Twitter friends! I just got a few of these today and when I first started I was clicking on every one of these links and verifying myself to the person who used the service.

It works like this. You follow someone, and you get a DM from the person saying “xxxxxxx uses TrueTwit validation. To validate click here: http://truetwit.com/vy41469xxx

Because I have a lot more followers now I simply don’t have the time or resources to do it anymore.

A Funny thing happened when I stopped clicking the link validating by typing in a code… Some of the people I followed still followed me back… Interesting??

So not only does this service not stop me from following the person, but the person can still follow me back although I did not “validate” my account through this 3rd party service.

That there was enough for me to stop validating. However the are more reason’s that you may want to consider not using the service yourself.

#1 Validation means nothing, people with porn sites or other bad content can use the service. Its wide open and does nothing to filter out the quality of people. If anything it will turn off influencers with a lot of followers.

#2 If you sign up and become a member of their service then you can bypass using the twitter validation feature. This anti spam service seems to be more spammy than the people that it is trying to keep out. So people that truly spam can use this service to spam others but they don’t have to use it as they blast their content out on a constant basis.

#3 It blocks absolutely nothing. The person still follows you if they don’t click the service. If you want to get rid of the person you still have to manually go to the person’s account through twitter and block them.

#4. The best analogy that I can use is this. Imagine you are standing in line to get into a night club. And some guys walk up to you and say I need to screen you to make sure you are ok to get into this club. I need you to give me your phone number and email address. You give it to him, but the guy behind you does not. However when you get to the front of the line the bouncer still lets both of you in the club. You ask the bouncer who was the guy who asked you for the information. The bouncer says we have no idea but the guy collects a lot of personal information and has nothing to do with our club. In this case the club is Twitter. TruTwit is the dude collecting your info but cannot stop anyone from connecting with anyone on twitter.

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Conston Taylor
Conston Taylor is the founder of ZenSocialKarma.com a company that helps their clients make meaningful social connections with their customers online in a way that provides a mutually fulfilling engagement. Conston has a degree in Business Administration from The University of Michigan and has experience in Sales & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Finance and Project Management.
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